About Denver Alumnae

The Denver Alumnae Chapter was founded on March 22, 1940 and is located in the state of Colorado, in Xi C Province, Region 1. Our members come from over 30 distinct collegiate chapters and our initiation dates span from the 1940s-2010s.

Members of the Denver Alumnae Chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota are heavily involved in the cultural fabric of Colorado, pursuing passions in everything from teaching to performance to administration. While some of our day jobs may not be in music or the arts, we continue to hold music and SAI near and dear to our hearts through affiliation with this chapter.

Denver Alumnae hosted the Xi C Province Weekend in 2017, bringing together nearly 50 sisters within the state of Colorado for a multi-day experience strengthening our sisterhood.

Community Projects

Our ever-growing chapter remains in contact with the province’s chapters; a few of our sisters serve as advisors for the Sigma Upsilon chapter at the University of Denver.  Additionally, we recently participated in the installation of Mu Tau, a brand new chapter at Colorado State University.

Denver Alumnae awards scholarships on an annual basis to members of the Sigma Upsilon Chapter at the University of Denver, determined by audition. The scholarship recipients then perform at a public musicale hosted by Denver Alumnae.

The Denver Alumnae chapter is a supporter of Central City Opera, Colorado Symphony Orchestra, and Opera Colorado.

We would love to collaborate with local organizations on service projects! Feel free to contact us with any opportunities.