The SAI Denver Alumnae Chapter stands in solidarity with our Asian, Asian American and Pacific Islander community. We denounce the hatred and violence committed against them. We are saddened by the increase in these incidents. We are committed to ongoing anti-racist work and to an increased awareness of the role we each play in creating a more just and equitable community. We especially raise up those in Sigma Alpha Iota who are creating a better world through music.

See the statement from SAI National Headquarters

Black Lives Matter. The SAI Denver Alumnae Chapter stands in solidarity with our Black sisters nationwide. We stand in solidarity against ongoing racism, and we condemn the police brutality that disproportionately affects Black men, women, and children in our communities. Furthermore, we support Colorado’s SB20-217 and any initiatives that work to hold law enforcement accountable for their actions. As we write and post this statement, we are working to develop plans of action for how we move forward as a chapter to support our sisters, our Fraternity, and our community. We stand together.

“To play the harpstrings of loving kindness, tolerance, appreciation, and genuine gratitude….
To falter never in seeking loving service, wisdom, and understanding….
This is to be our Symphony.”
(SAI Symphony)

Welcome to the 2020-2021 year of Denver Alumnae Chapter. Your Executive Board is evaluating monthly how best to include music, fraternity education, service projects and sisterhood experiences during a pandemic. With Province Day being virtual, and SAI National Convention being moved to summer of 2022, this year will be a very memorable one! 

While familiar schedules give us comfort, new patterns of life are now taking place. Music still does lift a person’s spirit. Technology has given us connection possibilities of new ways of getting together without the fear of spreading or getting COVID-19. Our chapter musicals will be shared via technology. It is hoped that each of you will seek and find a new favorite Woman of Color composer to study and perform for these months ahead. Share what you find!

REACH OUT to support your SAI sisters (whether affiliated or not), chapter service projects, community music groups and SAI Philanthropies, Inc. Wishing you a year of new music to grow with and old music to renew memories. VITA BREVIS, ARS LONGA.

Marion Talley, President, Denver Alumnae

2020-21 Goals: reach out to support SAI Sisters, Chapter Service Projects, Community Music Groups, and SAI Philanthropies, Inc.

2020-21 Vision: To be an alumnae chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota which demonstrates high ideals of musicianship, sisterhood, and service to our collective communities.

2020-21 Theme: To champion womxn musicians of color. To continue to educate ourselves through Fraternity Ed and find new ways to support musicians of color during these challenging times.