About Denver Alumnae

The Denver Alumnae Chapter was founded on March 22, 1940 and is located in the state of Colorado, in Xi C Province, Region 1. Our members come from more than 30 collegiate chapters, and our initiation dates span from the 1940s-2010s.

Members of the Denver Alumnae Chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota are heavily involved in the cultural fabric of Colorado, pursuing passions in everything from teaching to performance to administration. While some of our day jobs may not be in music or the arts, we continue to hold music and SAI near and dear to our hearts through affiliation with this chapter.

Outreach & Projects

  • Some of our sisters serve as advisors to the Sigma Upsilon Collegiate chapter of SAI, located at the Lamont School of Music, University of Denver.
  • We actively participate in the growth of our province; in 2017, we assisted with the installation of the Mu Tau collegiate chapter of SAI, located at Colorado State University.
  • Members of our chapter perform at The Gathering Place on a bi-monthly basis.
  • A number of our meetings are held at retirement or community centers, and local residents are invited to the musicale portion of our meetings.
  • We administer the JoAnne Kyhl Memorial Performance Competition, held on an annual basis.
  • We support causes near and dear to our heart through philanthropy, including but not limited to SAI Philanthropies, Inc., Central City Opera, and The Gathering Place.

We would love to collaborate with local organizations on service projects! Feel free to contact us with any opportunities.

Chapter Awards

The Denver Alumnae Chapter has received the following awards:

1971-1972: Omicron Province Alumnae Chapter Leadership Award
1987-1990: The Triennial Region II Chapter Achievement Award, Honorable Mention
1988-1989: National Honorable Mention, Newsletter: Editor, Dorothy Nelson
1989-1990: National Award, Best Newsletter: Editor, Dorothy Nelson
1992-1993, 1993-1994, 1994-1995: Xi A Province Alumnae Chapter Achievement Award
1993: National Alumnae Chapter Service Project Award
1996-1997: National Honorable Mention, Newsletter: Editor, Martha Ann Lobmeyer
1998: National Winner, Alumnae Chapter Achievement Award
1998: Region II, Alumnae Chapter Achievement Award
1998: Alumnae Province Achievement Award
1999-2000: Annelle Chandler McAdams Service Project Award, Category III
1999-2000: Staff Signals, Best Alumnae Chapter Newsletter: Editor, Anne Kleve
2000-2001: Xi A Province Outstanding Alumnae Chapter Award
2001-2002: National Outstanding Alumnae Chapter Award
2004-2005: Best Newsletter Feature, Editor, Martha Ann Lobmeyer
2004-2005: Best Format, 2nd Place: Editor, Martha Ann Lobmeyer
2008-2009: Xi C Province Outstanding Alumnae Chapter Award
2009-2010: Xi C Province Alumnae Chapter Achievement Award
2010-2011: Xi C Province Alumnae Chapter Achievement Award
2011-2012: Annelle Chandler McAdams Service Project Award, Category III
2013-2014: Annelle Chandler McAdams Service Project Award Category III

Past Presidents, Province and Regional Officers

Past and current chapter members are listed here.

Our Chapter Presidents

Claire Connell Martin, 1940-42
Rowena S. Izet, 1942-44
Kathryn W. Nolan, 1944-45
Florence Schneider, 1945-47
Winifred Fallon, 1947-49
Mildred DeGrass, 1949-51
Margaret Cotter, 1951-53
Annalee K. Worthen, 1953-55
Sue Jean Oursler, 1955-57
Nadine McClure, 1957-58
Betty Metzger, 1958-60
Alice Buckley, 1960-62
Betty Trotter, 1962-64
Donita Banks, 1964-66
Beth Cravens Lord, 1966-68
Jeannine Shafer (Flint), 1968-70
Roxann Headley, 1970-72
Betty Metzger, 1972-74
Margaret Cotter, 1974-76
Donna Bogard, 1976-77
Denise Lanning, 1977-79
Riccarda McQuie, 1979-80
Ardice Garrels, 1980-82
Mary Jane Frohardt, 1982-84
Dorothy Nelson, 1984-86
Lois Bower, 1986-88
Jeannine Shafer (Flint), 1988-90
Delorus Netzel, 1990-92
Martha Ann Lobmeyer, 1992-94
Donita Banks, 1994-96
Marjorie Minton,1996-97
Karen Kappler, 1997-99
Mary L Bailey, 1999-2001
Delorus Netzel. 2001-02
Rita Jo Tensly, 2002-04
Ardice Garrels, 2004-06
Rita Jo Tensly, 2006-08
Martha Ann Lobmeyer, 2008-10
Mary Nichols, 2010-12
Janet Williams, 2012-14
Kristin Rousom, 2014-16
Janet Williams, 2016-17
Nikki Frontz, 2017-18
Marion Talley, 2018-2021
Jessica Knieff, 2021-present

Province Officers from Denver Alumnae

Lucille Mathis: Province VP, 1961-62, Xi Province
Marcia Whitcomb: Province President, 1967-68, Omicron Province
Betty Metzger: Province President, 1974-81, Omicron Province
Ardice Garrels: Province Officer, 1987-97, Omicron, Xi, Xi A Provinces
Colleen Christiansen: Province Officer, 2003-06, Xi C Province
Anne Kleve: Province Officer, 2006-15, Xi C Province

Regional Officers from Denver Alumnae

Anne Kleve: Region 1 Officer, 2015-18
Clarissa Constantine: Region 1 Officer, 2018-19