Chapter Dues

Information about local chapter dues for 2020-21

First, and foremost: your executive board understands that the pandemic we’re all navigating presents many challenges to us all. If you have found yourself in economic hardship, for any reason, please feel free to email

Dues and deadlines (updated July 11, 2020)

  • Chapter dues are $25 for all members this year, as of an approved vote by your executive board.
  • Active members who would still like to pay the usual $40 membership dues are welcome to do so, but it is not required.
  • Membership status will be determined by your status from the previous year; there’s no need to specify which level you’re paying at, unless you’d like to change levels.
  • Dues payments are due, or your treasurer must be notified that a payment is on the way, no later than August 31, 2020.
  • August 31 is the cutoff date for dues-paying members’ information to be included in the annual yearbook, so it’s important to meet this deadline if you’d like your information included.
  • At this time, dues payments can be accepted via check or money order, made out to SAI Denver Alumnae Chapter, with chapter dues 2020-21 noted on the memo line. Your treasurer can also accept cash payments, but we’ll need to coordinate a handoff. Please don’t mail cash.
  • If mailing a payment, please send to your treasurer, Sabrina Green, whose address can be found in your yearbook.
  • You may make a payment on behalf of multiple members; just send an email to advising on whose payments you are taking care of. One check, one money order, or one lump sum cash payment is fine in that case.
  • Your treasurer researching options for online dues payments, and will share information when it is available. End of July is the goal to have more information available.

Membership status

  • Be sure to read our chapter Bylaws before making any changes to your membership status. The bylaws can be found by clicking here.
  • If you are an Active member moving to Associate membership, or the other way around, please send an email to or include a note with your mailed dues payment.
  • If you would like to move to Inactive membership, you will not owe dues this year. You will need to notify the executive board of your decision, preferably prior to August 31.
  • If you would like to permanently separate from the chapter (for example, if you’re no longer in the area and have plans to affiliate with a chapter in your current location), please notify the executive board, preferably no later than August 31.

Updates to your membership information

  • You will not be receiving a paper form to update your contact information for this year. Instead, we’ve created an online form that can be accessed at any time for sisters to provide updates to their membership information.
  • The form can be accessed by clicking here.
  • This form will be used to update the roster and is accessible by the entire executive board; essentially, this form can replace notifying individual EB members of changes to your information.
  • You may use this form whenever you need and as often as needed to update your information. The form will be checked and updates to the roster made once per week.
  • If you have updates that you’d like included in the upcoming yearbook directory, please be sure to fill out the form for those updates no later than August 31.